Nürburgring touristenfahrten 2019 - An AA road trip?


Just thinking; this would be the weekend before the Lopwell/Dartmoor meet up, which means two consecutive weekends away.

So as not to incur the wrath of swmbo, could we not do it in early July instead?


That presumably was this with the Lamborghini entering at 1:05?

What should the strategy be for driving round there? To assume there’s a pile up just around each corner & drive accordingly?

It does look as though the guy who filmed this should actually have slowed down, driven through & carried on rather than blocking the shoulder.


Yes, if you want to minimise risk. However, that does suck the fun out of it as much of it is blind, so you end up going slowly.

The reality is that like any other motorsport, risk is part of it.


Already blind according to you cunts, so might as well go for it :rofl:




Oh and LOTS OF FUN :grin:


The dates i suggested were arbitrary. Pick a weekend in july that works and I’ll check the calendar…