Oh bugger, what a shame. Many happy memories of shouting and trying to wind up Mark E at Fall gigs.


Can’t believe it. Shocked.
Northern Legend


That’s shit news.



shocked grew up listening to the Fall on John Peel. I used to listen under the bedclothes using an earpiece on my mono transistor radio.



Never got into them despite several attempts.

Still very sad news.:tired_face:


I’m probably only the person here who habitually mutters little mantras to himself, frequently film quotes or lyrics.

One of my top 3 is “I think you should remember …”


Socking it to the awful Jo Wiley.



Same sentiments here, I’m afraid


This was how I got into Joy Division, The Fall etc. My parents bought me an FM pocket transistor radio. There was no decent FM radio in Ireland, so it was Radio 1 in the evenings, despite the shitty reception.


The mutter has of “fuck off” under his breath as he saunters off is priceless.


Gutted . . . .

Just glad to have seen him live across a few incarnations.

All things considered it’s a miracle he saw 60.






Ah, for fucks sake. I saw some pictures of him before Christmas and he looked bloody awful so not surprising really, but still sad news.


Radio 6 are doing a good job at the moment-playing songs I’ve not heard for years.
The MIGHTY Fall.


Very sad. Another here who didn’t ever really get into The Fall but as others have said, Peel was always playing them, so I know and like some of the early stuff. Amazing man though, huge energy to drive The Fall with such singular purpose through multiple line up changes, wives etc. I read somewhere that there are 80 albums!


He wasn’t short of songs that’s for sure!


Not sure why I’m so shocked when he was a waking advert for A and E.

One off.