Very sad,
I was lucky enough to see him live a few years ago at the Festival Hall with @coco @PapaLazarou and I think @Wayward (memory may be wrong there). Jon Jin (some may remember from from the wam days) was also there. Masekela had a real presence and it was a wonderful gig.


I remember he had everyone dancing and singing. Great showman!


It was a fantastic night out.
Very sad to hear of his passing.


Not me sadly, you must be confusing me with some other good looking, exciting type! :grin:



Great novelist and one of the first Sci-Fi books that I read fortunately


I really enjoyed this. Must reread.


Up and coming young traner and former champion point-to-point jockey. Blew his own brains out because his wife was having an affair with a jockey.

He was due to have the biggest runner of his training career (called Beer Goggles) at Cheltenham this Saturday and also had the favourite for the Betfair Hurdle (used to be called The Schweppes) at Newbury on Feb 10th which is the most valuable handicap hurdle in Europe as well.:frowning_face:


That is shit news. Some jockeys are cunts and can’t keep their britches on. Mind you, the wife is a shit for shagging one in the first place. Unless, of course, there are other circumstances that haven’t come out. In which case I’m a cunt for thinking the worst of people.

Edit - where did you hear the wife had been doing the naughty? Inside info?


Damn shame. Not myself that’d be getting the lead enema in those circumstances, I must say…


Betfair Forum - allegedly it was a point-to-point jockey, not a big name pro.


Cheers. Not nice. Not nice at all.


It’s hard not to due to most people being massive cunts.


Fuck right off - just seen this


Is that for real???


Fucking eck. It is. Only listening to them this morning.



Part of my daily diet of growing up listening to John Peel


Really shocking news. Grew up listening to Peel playing The Fall. Very sad…


Fuck, was listening to Mr Smith last night. Fuckety fuck that is a real loss. The Bingo Master Broke out.