A great bird photographer among the many other strings to his bow.


RIP - just a few females left. Must almost be the end of the species, especially since artificial insemination is notoriously difficult in Rhino


Most Depressing Headline Of The Day So Far.


And all because some dumb fucks think the horn has magic properties - cunts.:rage:


Somehow, news of the invention of Viagra still hasn’t reached China and Vietnam - how that’s possible when I get about 20,000 spam emails about it per day I cannot begin to understand…


Someone also needs to tel them that chewing their own nails gives them exactly the same chemicals as in rhino horn.


I have never LOLd an obituary before but can now cross that off my list.


Would have taken immense bravery and bollocks the size of coconuts to swap yourself for a hostage into the hands of an extremist nutjob.



RIP “Thumbelina” :cry:



The Labour Party



Peacefully at home I hope. It has been moribund for years. I expect the Tory Party to die on a trolley in a corridor a week or two after they finally privatise the NHS.


Winnie Mandela

Good riddance


Can’t do the Nelson’s Column joke anymore :frowning_face:


RIP Ray Wilkins


Really liked to listen to him, as he was usually sensible.


That is very sad. He had his drinking under control and to die at 61. Will be missed.


Feel very sad about this.

What a talented player he was and such an engaging pundit. Chelsea treated him shabbily. Such a genuine guy though, the like of which we won’t see again I suspect. Too soon, but he was clearly troubled in his later years.

RIP Ray.


Eric Bristow has died at age 60


I was at Ibrox in '88 when he scored this belter against us. Class act.