Dammit! Yoof of today! Mutter, chumble… :open_mouth:

…And I thought my mirrors were haunted by some fat, raddled old codger with a face like a bag of smashed crabs… :sob:


David Sanborn, 78, prostate cancer.

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:cry:Gonna give his album a spin later.

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Super Gran star Gudrun Ure dies aged 98 - BBC News
My sister and I used to love this show when we were kids. Theme tune is a classic sung by none other than the big yin himself.

Billy Connolly - Super Gran Theme (


David Wilkie, 70.


In the late 70s they sent sports stars to schools for some reason (my memory fails me).
We got David Wilke.
Somewhere there is a photo of me with him. I was a bit meh at the time.
If anyone remembers why, remind me. It was some national initiative.

No one famous got sent to our school,but the magpie team came and did a piece for tv about rugby in the mid 70s.
Only thing I remember was abuse being shouted at them from the car park that blue Peter was better.


You Old Harrovians were always a rough bunch.

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Harry Roberts the cop killer used to go to my school.
When his trial came up the BBC sent a camera crew to the school and filmed boys playing rugby.

The yard of my secondary school was the site of the annual Beast Mart which dated back at least to the thirteenth century. By the time I got to the school there hadn’t been a mart there for centuries and the only remaining beast were the boys. The Town Clerk still dressed up and shouted the declaration though and we were all lined up in the yard and given half a day off for no obvious reason at all. Looking back it feels like something out of Gormenghast.

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Aleister Crowley used to go to my school :laughing:

Surprisingly this doesn’t often come up in the promotional brochures.


1st meadow or 2nd meadow?

Probably Norbury or Warlingham

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If my memory serves me right was he eventually captured while hiding out in Epping Forest ?

Not sure John, I remember he evaded the police for months, ended up serving over 45 years I think

Had one classmate, Klaus Wilmsmeyer, who went on to win a Super Bowl as the punter for the San Francisco 49ers. Once, during a class discussion on the Holocaust, he chimes in that his grandfather had assured him it never occurred. Teacher asks how his grandfather came by this knowledge; turns out he was an SS man :man_facepalming: Stupid cunt.

Had another classmate (John something or other) who continued his career as a drug dealer. Wasn’t really close to him, but we did talk from time to time.
Somewhat shocked years later when I opened the newspaper annd read that he ended up going to prison for the rape/torture/murder of a young lad who stole drugs from him while he was passed out at a party.



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Glad you turned out so normal Kelley :wink:

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