Yes he did buy a 911 type with 4 wheel drive. I forget the model. Carrera 4?


He had a 4S, saw it at Jim’s bake off…


RIP Tom Wolfe:


I love his writing-The Right Stuff and Hells Angels are two of my favourite books.


Bonfire of the Vanities was seminal work on the 80’s excesses even if literarily-lite, unlike the Dickens novels it aspired to be.

Master of the Universe, what a phrase, still used today in the financial markets.


Sad to hear Dave Wilson has passed away


Who he?


Wilson Audio founder



Jalal Mansur Nuriddin, the “Grandfather of Rap” and member of The Last Poets.


RIP Denman😫

Cheltenham Gold Cup winner and two time Hennessey winner including 2009 with the greatest weight carrying performance since Red Rum.

What a commentary too.


Noooo!!! Great horse. I’ll always remember the green colours fighting up the Cheltenham hill


He was second in three Cheltenham Gold Cups as well, and that after suffering from a heart problem after his win in 2008.



Anthony Bourdain, sad.


yes very sad- I am a huge fan of his programmes and cooking…his books are a good read.


Just read it. Mind you, he lived a very full and interesting life if A Cooks Tour and Kitchen Confidential were anything to go by


That’s completely fucked my day, I was a serious fan of his work, and his general attitude / approach to life.

He will be sorely missed.


am i right in thinking he committed suicide ? a real tragedy . been learning about papyrus today , a charity for youth affected by this issue


Yes Phil, sadly it is being reported as suicide.