Very very sad news. Like many on here, I have known Vasken for many years due to the many bake off around the place.

He was a top bloke and a true gentleman. I always enjoyed his company.

It’s been a tough week as another friend of mine was found dead on the moors in Sheffield.

I’m off out in a bit and will raise a glass to Vasken tonight.


Ah, that’s a real shame. :frowning:


Very sad, sounds like he made the most of his time though. RIP Vasken.


Saddened to hear.
Always a pleasure to meet him He will be greatly missed, that’s for certain.


so so sad, those aggresive brain tumours are bastards, lost a colleague to one last year - RIP Vasken


Another sad event.


Met Vasken on a few occasions and spent a nice afternoon in Manchester with him indulging in another of his passions, photography and his Leica M3. A lovely man.


Shit. I had no idea he was Ill. A short while ago he contacted me about making him a tweed jacket and we discussed meeting on his next trip to London, he must have been diagnosed inbetween. He was a lovely chap, we spoke on the phone quite a few times. Really sad…


Only met him a couple of times but a really lovely guy.


Sad news indeed.

RIP Vasken


Oh bummer, what shitty news. Vasken was one of life’s true gentlemen - the world will be much worse without him. We spoke many times late last year because he’d decided to buy a Nagra CD player, didn’t have a clue about his illness though.

RIP Plato…


I’m sure I’ll have met him at Jim’s but I can’t recall how he looked. Does anyone have a picture of him at that (or another) bake-off?


Bald headed bloke that turned up at Spider’s Halloween gig?



Is he the chap next to the bird feeder?



That’s him.


RIP Tessa Jowell

I had the privilege to meet her once. Had an unusual characteristic for a politician; empathy yet could be steely hard when fighting for a cause she felt strongly about


Impressive woman in all respects. Oh that we had more politicians like her.



I missed this thread while I was away.
i am very shocked to hear about Vasken.
I met him a number of times and have nothing but good memories of him, he bought some unusual speakers from the Dunlop brothers and I had an open invite to come and listen to them which unfortunately never happened.


Rest in pece Glen Branca.


I’ve realised I’d exchanged some messages with Vasken. He was toying with the idea of buying a Porsche. Clearly an intellectual and a gent to boot.