Thanks for pointing this out, I had missed this and profuse apologies for ressurecting the news - I had no idea and i think there are a fair few others who knew Vaskan who don’t know either.


Extremely sad, he was a lovely gentleman, his wife is a lovely person too :frowning:


wow, sad news indeed . thanks for posting


Gosh I had no idea, what sad news

Vasken was a lovely guy who always had time for anyone

I hadn’t caught up with him for a year or so and was only thinking the other day I should say hi

Truly decent chap who will be sorely missed.


41, way too young.


Saman Gunan.


A very sad event in an otherwise amazing rescue.


Amazing book when I was a child


I actually knew him, really nice guy. Had a bad time when I was a kid as my surname is Staig - think about it! Staig of the dump.



I’d never heard of him. Interesting. Restructuring Fiat and dealing with the Unions must have been a big job.



Had long stint in entertainment but 73 is sadly young.


Aretha Franklin dead. :cry:

One of the best.


It’s been coming for a while it seems. But all the same she’ll be impossible to replace :disappointed_relieved:.




They don’t make them like that any more.




Oh dear, very sad. What a voice and what a legacy :sob: