Might watch that tonight


The BBC obituary says that Rolling Stone rated her as the greatest singer of all time. Yeah, there’s a very good case for that.



This is wonderful


A wonderful voice and also a powerful voice for her community.
RIP Aretha.


Really sad here :cry:

A major loss to us all


Who replaces people like her & David Bowie?



Forgot how fucking good (and complex) that scene was, cheers :clinking_glasses:


For the life of me, can’t find the dislike button!!


Nice pair of tits!

Not referring to hers.



A brilliant version. Interestingly, it looks like the routine they were practising for in the abc News documentary I posted earlier. :+1:


August 16th is a sad day when it comes to music legends





Following that last image lead me to this piece about where Robert Johnson sold his soul. I want to visit Rosedale now :grinning:


That is too fucking weird!!


Me too! We had discussed a road trip taking in some of the Delta blues more notable sights, unfortunately insurance for Lou couldn’t be arranged due to her health issues. Maybe one day.


Too soon ?


Perfect coz the little Chuckle would have loved it.