Just seen this on PFM. AlanB who at least of few of us knew from the Wam has passed away. RIP Alan


That is sad to hear.:frowning:


Sad stuff a nice bloke.



Sad to hear, I had quite a lot of messages backwards and forwards with Alan. he was a compulsive box swapper and valve roller for quite a while.


Yes, that is sad. Struck me as a nice chap, and the odd bit of gear I bought from his swapping exploits was always immaculate.

Rest peacefully, AlanB.


he was a super guy and so sad to hear of his passing , i have known him for a good many years and was at his house before christmas . he will be sadly missed



A tireless campaigner for the protection of our environment.


I knew Lindsay and also worked with him many years ago. Flowers was amazing - anyone lucky enough to have seen it back in the 70’s early 80’s?



RIP Servalan, aka Jaqueline Pearce.


Damn, I wanted to be subjugated by her.


Oh my. Probably my favourite TV programme as a kid. :slightly_frowning_face:


Mine too. I was only about 11 or 12 when it finished, but even then I knew that there was ‘something’ about Servalan…


I’ve not listened to her blog, but others who I have spoken to recently have and found it a great source of support and inspiration. Tragic for her son and husband.


Losing the wife/mother with a child so young is simply unimaginable. It also makes me realise that while I’m ill, I’m not even close to a death sentence. No matter how bad things are for you, there are many who are even less fortunate.


She spent her last days wrapping presents for her son up until his 18th birthday. She deserves so much respect.


This. I just have to look around me to see how lucky I am. I was diagnosed 4 months before my youngest was born. I’m still here and am told that there is no reason to believe I won’t see her 21st, which is more than a decade away.

Bollocks to cancer!


Have you been through chemo?