JBL 4430?


A sad end for a remarkable character.


Bit of a legend round these parts.
RiP Johnny.


RIP Siegfried Linkwitz, aged 82.
Best known for the Linkwitz-Riley active filter and loudspeaker designs.



:frowning_face: A very, very impressive guy. He’ll be missed.



Yes top bloke. RIP


“Do you mind if I smoke?”

RIP Fenella Feilding

Another boyhood fantasy gone, ah well…


That voice. Hubahuba!


Sad news…


What a shame.

Saw him play many times, he was very, very good.


I met him a couple of times in the 90’s, I believe he was on benefits at the time. I think he was also quite fond of the sauce…
A fantastic player in his time, an Ipswich legend. :slightly_frowning_face:


Goodbye Chas :frowning_face:


Sad news. I quite liked their music.



So sad. They were good. I only saw them once at the Newcastle City Hall supporting Lindesfarne at their Christmas concert.


There is a reason their concerts were invariably sold out


We saw them at Glastonbury one year in a big marquee. They had a couple a couple of thousand people crammed in. I can still remember the crowd singing along to Snooker Loopy :joy:

They brought joy.


You poor bugger. Went once (to appease wife no.1) and I can honestly say it was the most overrated concert I’ve ever seen.

(It’s Lindisfarne btw :wink:)


Well, I loved the concerts, went to a few of them when I lived in the West End and still listen to the albums now, even if my spelling is crap :sweat_smile:

It was the atmosphere that made it, and the City Hall was a great venue.