Indeed, the City Hall was a fantastic venue. I saw many of my most memorable concerts there, but Lindisfarne wasn’t one of them (I did quite like Lindisfarne btw - apart from FOTT -, it’s just that their xmas Concert was shite when I went)


Really tragic news. ‘Amphetamine Ballads’ is a fabulous LP. I believe they were truly possessed live. Brain cancer is awful so I hope it was a relatively swift and peaceful decline when the end finally came.



That is tragic ! I know what’s up next :frowning_face:


So young :frowning_face: l loved thier Amphetamine Ballads album.



Ah bollocks, genuinely saddened to hear that as I know his son.


Marty Balin, musician and Jefferson Airplane co-founder, dies aged 76



I saw that this morning. I’ve had the ‘Bob Jane, T-Marts’ advertising jingle as an earworm all day. Hopefully, you’ll have it too now. You are most welcome to it.


Yes I have NOW ! Cunt !!




Otis Rush, Chicago’s ‘king of the hill’ blues guitarist, dies aged 84


Oh, Geoffrey…


And another…


Bob Dylan once said he was his favourite singer. Not sure if he was on a wind up. The contrary old cunt.


Geoffrey Hayes was Bob Dylan’s favourite singer!! Well you learn something new every day


Who even knew he could sing?


Bungle hasn’t taken it well.



Geoff Emerick threw himself into the Beatles’ experiments