Watch Hey Duggee all the time. The stick badge is a work of genius. We’re off to the cinema soon apparently to watch a special.



Just FUCK.

I loved that as an ankle biter. I remember watching the first episode in '66 or whenever it was.


I visited my brother when he was working in LA in about 2003. We went to a pretty sleazy neighbourhood club & Peter Tork happened to be playing there with his band. Mostly blues & really good as I recall. There was also an ancient black lady singing who sounded like Etta James but wasn’t actually her. Cool place though.


Reports on Twitter that Mark Hollis passed away on Sunday

Nothing via google though


I’ll be absolutely gutted if this is true. The Talk Talk LPs, and his solo album are all marvellous. Hollis’ voice is uniquely beautiful and individual. There is no mistaking him for anyone else.


Nothing on the Internet but there was an article about him earlier this month.



Bollocks. :anguished:



A sad loss but he has left one hell of a legacy. Walked away from music when he’d said all he wanted to say. RIP.


Looks like it is true…


What a sad loss and only 64.


This is really sad news. I still clung to a faint hope that he would release some more material at some point. :frowning_face:


The only one is beautiful just wish I had a copy


Other than the 80s singles i was a latecomer to his stuff.
Wasn’t until i watched this many years back that i realised what a superb group they were.With John Turnball (blockheads) on guitar.


This is NOT good news :frowning:


That is one talented band. The performance is phenomenal.

The bass player, Paul Webb, now trades as Rustin Man and produces consistently excellent music, particularly the LP with Beth Gibbon.


Walking to St James’ tonight before the game and the stadium dj was playing “it’s my life” LOUD!
Could hear it well away from the ground😀


Heading for St James’ the only sound reverberating in my head would be ‘fuck my life…’