Just heard that on the news. One of my favourite actors.


That’s the truth. Enjoyed many of his films and telly.


yes , my favourite in jason bourne films and yet to see churchill which he played in darkest hour


Brief cameo in Skyfall tonight



Saw Gordon once and had a brief chat when I worked in Wembley Park, what a lovely gentleman he was. Had time for people and answered any stupid question.


Before my time but I’ve just been chatting to a workmate ( who was at the final in 66 ) and he’s just said , one of his all time hero’s. a true gentleman by all accounts.


Yes, he always came over as a gent. Very sad.


My first sporting hero. Good innings but I’m a little bit sad :pensive:


One of my first world Cup memories
My aunt and uncle were there for the England matches and the final

What a save


Indeed, given that the ball, even when dry, would have weighed about 3cwt.



Every Stokey I have ever met has talked about Banksy, and they are not talking about the artist.


Letter sent by Gordon Banks to a journalist’s son (a budding goalkeeper).


Fuck knows what he’d have made of the modern 'keeper that can’t catch the bloody ball!


Or the over the top protection they get from refs.


Bruno Ganz, actor who played Hitler in Downfall, dies aged 77


I was mentioned in one of the many, many spoofs on youtube
wasn’t polite :rofl:



@Wayward should get a lot of the references in this one…


I’m still doing my fashion badge… :tired_face: