I saw them twice and the energy was unbelievable. They were the last act closing the festival, I was going back home past 3am at the break of the dawn, still singing Out of Space. Will never forget this.


A friend of mine requested “Firestarter” as she was cremated, it made us all laugh but was verry sad…


saw them about 5 times. Last time a couple of years ago at Wembley arena. First time and most memorable was at Milton Keynes bowl in 2010 for the Warrior’s Dance Festival. They were supported by Chase and Status (that gig started my love of Chase and Status), Enter Shakari and Pendulum. I have never had or since, got such a buzz of energy from a gig…with all those bands playing it was off the scale…


love their catchline , i am playing all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order !!



luke perry 52 of a stroke . very sad


Peak Anglo Russian relations?


Very sad indeed. RIP KF

Interesting that the last photo was of him running the Chelmsford 5K park run last Sunday - achieving a PB of just over 21 minutes, a very decent time. Not what I’d imagined at all.


Magenta Devine RIP.


A nice piece on Mark Hollis


Oh dear, that’s too young.

Watched her on Rough Guide many times.


She was very watchable and listenable. She wasn’t annoying and her voice was easy on the ears. Always looked cool. Her and Sankha were a good team.


That’s really no age to die, is it? Very sad.


Jacques Loussier today aged 84.

I have a few of his very enjoyable Play Bach albums on Decca which offered an easy way into both Bach & Jazz. His trio were pretty slick.



Jan-Michael Vincent.

A childhood hero gone. Burned the candle at both ends, it’s fair to say.


On February 10th apparently.


I absolutely adore Big Wednesday. One of the first things we did when we moved to Australia was to go to an outdoor showing of the film in the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. I didn’t really follow Vincent’s career at all, and he seems like a troubled character to say the least, but for Big Wednesday alone he leaves something to be admired and treasured.



Hal Blaine RIP


This intro: