This is sad. His playing with TRB was fantastic.


Top guitarist


Oh, that’s a shame.

Saw TRB at Middlesbrough Town Hall in the '70’s

Great live band.




Saw him play a very decent gig in a ballroom in Richmond in Melbourne in about 1996 IIRC. Bit sad now.


Saw him a couple of times in 90s in tiny venues in Edinburgh.

Frankly he was great.


Yep, considering how ill he was, and the fact he was playing the gigs to pay his medical expenses, those gigs were great.


Just brilliant.


Very sad.

I was hugely into his guitar style when I was a kid.

The Ozzy link is a red herring, I liked his solo stuff as the Electric Gypsies.é-dead-at-66/


I knew him from Gillian, where he was pretty damn fine.

Ian Gillan – vocals, harmonica Bernie Tormé – guitar Colin Towns – keyboards, flute John McCoy – bass Mick Underwood – drums, percussion

Bought this album upon release and it is still one of my fav albums. Saw them on tour twice on this tour and they were blinding.


Saw him few times on the Gillan tours mid 80s, fun days.


Scott Walker :disappointed:


Streaming Walker Brothers as we speak.
No Regrets coming up…and something in my eye I dare say.


Some cracking photos here.

Scott Walker – a life in pictures


why does Lulu only look 5 years older even now?


Portrait in the attic perhaps?


Scott Walker record reviews from Melody Maker



Gutted, a legend and always a great performer last saw him at the phoenix a year or so ago …too young