Octoberfest Bake off

Hi Guys
I’m planning a bake off on Sunday 29th October. I’ve not done one this year so thought I’d sort out a get together and make it a bit of fun.
So here is my plan for the: Temple Normanton Octoberfest Bake off
Date: Sunday 29th October
Time: 10.30am to 7pm.

We’ll do the usual tea, coffee and hot food options if you guys n gals bring the cakes and pork pies etc.
Minimal kit swapping, four rooms with a system in each like a mini show.

My thoughts are minimal kit swapping as a house full of gear and a house full of people is difficult to manage. Especially with lots of speakers, so perhaps we set up some nice speakers in all the rooms and limit gear swaps to CD players, DAC’s, phono stages and amps etc to make the most of the space.
Room 1. My system in the Lounge.
Room 2. Jack’s system in his bedroom.
Room 3. My study/work room 12 foot by 12 foot, needs a volunteer/volunteers to put a system in here.
Room 4. Guest room 13 foot wide by approx 20 foot long, needs a volunteer/volunteers to put a system in here.
So if any of you want to get your heads together and bring different elements of a system to go into rooms 3 & 4 that is cool. Or put on your whole system in one of the rooms. Let me know what your thoughts are and we’ll do our best to make it work.
Bring along some music too, hopefully we can support most formats in at least one of the rooms.
Wives and partners are welcome let me know if you are bringing a significant other.
Trying to keep it around 20 to 25 people.
Team list

  1. Mick - Micky Ricky
  2. Des - Dipstick +1
  3. Nick - Myrman
  4. Rick - Bandit Pilot
  5. Rob - Freefallrob
  6. Dave - Occasional Thinker
  7. Steve - Barneys Dad
  8. Paul - Maverick (maybe)
  9. Darren - Belloire
  10. Lee - Setting Son
  11. Ian - ijrussel
  12. Dean - SCIDB
  13. Des - Hap Hazzard
  14. Mick - Mmichibam
  15. Mark - browellm (maybe)
  16. Mark - Divedeepdog
  17. Steve - rmsshipbroker
  18. Philofcas
  19. Steve - Sap7
  20. Vlad
  21. Lionel
  22. Colin from Chevron Audio
  23. Barrington

Subs bench

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May I have a ticket to the velvet vortex please?

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Of course Steve,

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Can’t make this I’m afraid, on call with work .:frowning:

Love to break my bake off virginity and go local. Date ok as it stands so please add me on?

No problem Steve, once you’ve popped your bake off cherry you’ll never go back to reality mate

Ok then guys we need to start to think about populating the two empty rooms with kit.

I’ll provide tables or racks to put kit on.

In Room 3 (study) we need some speakers and other kit to make up a system, only 12 x 12,

in room 4, Paul has volunteered his lovely Boenicke W8 speakers and power amp so we’ll need a pre-amp, DAC and CDP as a minimum.

I’ve got a Garrard 401 that can be used in one room if needed and I think Micky is hoping his 301 might be ready for a reveal at my place so that could go in room 4 also.

Any volunteers to help make the Octoberfest a special bake off.

I can do a chord Hugo TT dac/digital pre.
And the project RS phono and/or pre for analogue.

Cyrus signature cd transport if needed.

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I can bring my Revox Plenum B speakers for room 3, with anything else needed, if you want.

Step away from the bagpipes…


I won’t bring any, I promise… :grinning:

Ooo they look a bit like jbl’s that would be nice. Have you got some stands?
Looks like speakers are in place. Will still need some amplifiers, cdp’s, dac’s etc

I may as well pack an amp (Yamaha A1). CDP, DAC (Northern Fidelity 32/384) and deck as well - but we don’t have to use them all.

Read all of this with excitement, just about to ask if I can sneak in as a late entry…then realised you have gone and arranged a bake off on my wife’s birthday. Can you squeeze two in?:joy:

Put me down for the next one if you don’t mind😕

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I’m on to a subs bench list as house is going to be pretty full. I’ll be doing another in spring. You’d be welcome then.

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Cheers Spider, hopefully by then I’ll have a bit more kit to contribute if needed. Hope it goes well, sure the wife will be gutted.

Two weeks to Octoberfest :grinning:

Seem to have all rooms looking something like for speakers, looks like two pairs for room 3 & 4.

There seems to be a good range of kit coming along.

Now to think how we are going to feed you all. :scream:


I’ll bring a Pavlova, just for a change…


Good news.
Any advance on a Pavlova?
Do I hear a cheescake?