Octoberfest Bake off

Millionaires slab may share bettererr if there’s a house full ? I’m sure there’s at least equivalent calorific value :slight_smile:


I’ll be bringing my DDDAC and Wayne’s Border Patrol SE DAC.

Good news
Look forward to hearing your DDDac and I already know how good the BP is. I’m sure there are a few people who are interested in hearing BP.

It’ll give you possibly a better idea of how the BP sounds compared to a more modern pimped DDDAC.

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Make sure your inboxes are clear PM incoming in next day or two RE: Octoberfest Bake off

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PM’s sent to all last night
If you need any more info just let me know

Kate is planning a chunky veg soup with homemade bread and perhaps chilli and baked potatoes for food.



You’ll be eating it all if you’re not careful :broccoli::mushroom::carrot::corn::potato:
Don’t worry Dean is coming he’ll help you.

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Realy looking forward to it mate, should be a belter!

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If anyone is passing through nottm I would lift share?
Save the planet and all that.

Plus I like a drink or ten.

Only one sleep to Octoberfest

just a few thoughts

both rooms that you guys are filling gear with will need something to play CD’s on so we can connect to DAC’s or just play CD’s.

there also seems to be a few DAC’s coming along but I have no computers or hard drives to connect to them. I don’t do digital. So if they need anything to play music from ie a laptop, memory stick, hard drive etc, then please bring those too.

we have more than enough speakers coming along and enough turntables for vinyl.

See you all tomorrow

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Can bring the Sony DVPS9000ES if you like?It’s reassuringly heavy and shiny :slight_smile:


Your black box is in the pile to return!


I will bring my Lyngdorf CD2 and a DVD player as well as the DACs.

@Spider if you hang on to the BP can we arrange for me to pick it up from you this week, at your convenience.

No problem, but I am on holiday next week, so it might have to be week after for a drop off in ChesVegas

Hi Ian
CD2 might come in handy but orobably got enough Transports/be players now so don’t worry about bringing DVD player as well.

I think we are about sorted now.