Octoberfest Bake off


Not a problem.


It’s ready!! Sounds sublime! Get yer ears washed for tomorrow cos it is deffo a goody …Thanks to Mark (divedeepdog) for making the plinth and putting it together for me…
The lord shines on the righteous!!


Ooooh,looking forward to that Micky :slight_smile:



Have a good one guys.


Got back home a little while ago.
Thank you to Tim and Kate for letting us gate crash their party at the very last minute.
Also a huge thank you to both for their warm and generous hospitality.
This was my first outing in a while and I particularly enjoyed myself. It was also nice seeing and chatting with familiar faces.
I didn’t spend much time listening to music, so I’ll let others comment on that aspect, although Tim’s new speakers were were making wonderful music.


Great time.
Four great systems. Good company and excellent hosts.
Thanks to Kate for cooking. Thanks to Tim for hosting and the obvious effort in sorting the space.

Good day.

(And thanks to Dave for his pliers and cleaner!)
And best of luck to Jack in SK!


Thanks Tim, Kate and Jack for a brilliant day. 4 systems in one house seemed to work very nicely. Loved the new speakers Tim :+1: and almost equally impressive were Jack’s little Q Acoustics upstairs. Amazing what those tiny boxes can do. :astonished:

Great food to :yum:


Thanks to Tim, Kate and Jack for another great bakeoff. Lovely food, some interesting bits of kit and plenty of fun conversations. In a first for me, I even managed to play nearly a full album of Frazey Ford. :slight_smile:

Tim’s new speakers were excellent. Des has done a great job with them.


Many thanks to Tim, Kate and Jack for hosting so well.
A great day with variety of both kit and music, not to mention food.
Good banter as always, great to see everyone again.



Many many thanks to Kate and Tim for letting us take over their lovely home today for Octoberfest, very brave indeed but it worked superbly. I had a great day out with wonderful company, music, hifi and food!

The 4 systems all did different things and all had interesting bits of kit in them, but I had a real soft spot for Jacks loft system (which I forgot to take a picy of…), which really punched above it’s weight when i heard it.

Thanks to Vlad for being my driver for the day, cheers mate.


Thanks to Kate & Tim for giving over your entire home for most of Sunday.
Brilliant catering, banter and even the weather was on its best behaviour.

The 301 with Koetsu Sig sounded as good as it looked.
By some judicious musical chairs managed to finally get in the centre of Tim’s new speakers. Due to the paint finish they looked very tasteful, but sounded way better than that.
Sublime on bake off compulsory female vocals, but had lovely controlled bass on Ibibio Sound Machine & Ryan Adams.
Great work Des, cant wait to hear their bigger brothers sometime.


Thanks to everyone who came along to Octoberfest. We hope you had a great day.
Thanks to Paul, Dave, Steve, Rick, Des, Ian, Colin, Phil and everyone who brought kit out of their own systems to make up the exhibition rooms.
Paul’s W8’s were very good and Micky’s new 301 was simply beautiful, DDDAC’s featured heavily and all performed exceptionally (very impressive for the cost).
My new speakers seemed to go down well as did my own 401.
With some help from a little sub-woofer (thanks Paul) Jack’s bedroom system got a lot of praise, which considering there is less than £500 there just shows what can be done with a sympathetic room and a few modest components.
As usual I think we all heard something new we’ll be buying soon from our local music shop.

Only one question shall we do it next year?


ftfy. :grin:


Thanks to Tim N Kate, sorry no cake but I’ve been too busy polishing wood…

Look forward to another if you can stand it


Is that a euphemism ?


No Mark was finishing off my plinth for the 301 and a very nice job he has made as well…
Tim/ Kate…Thanks from me also ! Great bake/off …Thanks Micky


My Rega Planar 3/Glass platter/3mm Akromat/Exact + Rega Fono Mk2 sounded much better than I had expected it to. I hadn’t really had chance to mess with mats and VTA before bringing it along so i’m sure a bit more could be had out of it.

Tims new speakers sounded terrific on electronica (quick/dynamics), but sound much different to a conventional modern commercial speaker, but you do get used to them after a while. I must say the work that Des has put in to them is obvious, they looked great!

Pauls speakers were alot smaller than I remember or was expecting! Very cute and beautifully made, I can see and understand there allure. They managed to sound open and very quick with deep bass for one so small, at times they threw the images well back behind the plane of the speakers. They were revealing and demanding of whatever was up stream!

Mickys new Garrard was beautiful, Mark has done a stonking job on it (I still love the green topped twisted one though :wink: ), it sounded lovely and stable, sonerous, warm and clear like good good vinyl should.

Jacks loft system was great, Q acoustics standmounts (30quid) Arcam Alpha 5+ amp, Graham Slee elevator, and Techy with an Ortofon MC15 MK11 Super in it, plus Pauls Rel Quake.

It sounded open, dynamic, and with great stereo imaging. I really enjoyed it, nice one :-).

I didn’t spend much time in the little back room, so didn’t hear all the different DACs etc.

But, I liked Daves (occasional thinkers) Revox 3 way speakers (10" front slot loaded bass, 4" mid,1" metal dome) and VERY solid enclosures. They reminded me of my Dads old JBL’s, and had a similar sound, good stereo, solid ‘thwak’ at the bottom end and nice open mid. Well balanced.

I tried the Dolby S Metal cassette thing on Pauls new speakers. Some were more forth coming with opinions than others, some only gave opinion when asked (Better or worse? Which do you prefer?) interesting results and were quite surprised when I told them what they had been listening too, hehehehehehehehe… no one will ever listem to Tracy Chapman again LOL.

Food and banter was top notch :blush:.


Not after hearing the same fecking tune four times in a row, I wont…