Octoberfest Bake off


Good 'eavens. First bake I ever went to was over at Opusover21’s in Cheltenham where we spent an afternoon listening to various combinations of amps and speakers. We played exactly one track. Over and over. For the whole afternoon.

It was this one



He is an uber twat though.


I had some of the best times winding him up.


Shooting fish in a barrel though.


Well I can only speak as I found - he was a very nice host and he cared about his kit as far as I could tell. I recall that he and TheMoon did get quite a long way under one another’s skins though.



I never said I wanted a challenge.


Evidently. Did he get annoyed because (i) you wound him up (ii) he missed the point entirely or (iii) it was you :smirk:


Many thanks Tim and Kate for the lovely bakeoff.
Nice food, music and company!


Glad you had a good day.
Great phono stage, it sounded fab with the 401 :+1:



Big thanks to Tim, Kate and Jack for an excellent Octoberfest. Good to see everybody.

I enjoyed the range of pork pie on offer, very tasty. The one with chilli and rhubarb was enjoyable. So was the one with the layer of black pudding running through it.

Very nice baked potatoes and sausage tomfoolery. The soup was very good as well. All washed down with cups of tea and pop.

Plenty of dessert and cakes were scoffed.

My stomach says thanks.

I understand there was some hifi on offer…I wondered what that noise was!


Read that as “tea and poop”


Where’s the rest of the photos then?