Olympics 2020

Usually really enjoy it.
Not sure how this one is going to feel without crowds.

I was just thinking we needed a thread on this. Seems like we’re in the minority though!

Japan have been served a bit of a shit sandwich, around 70% don’t want it to go ahead, but they would of got battered if they cancelled.

Empty swimming pools, cycling tracks and athletics are going to feel weird.

Could be worse, all the athletes could be off at war

What bummer though, so many get just one shot but they are going to get a shot at least. Glad it’s going ahead and will miss the crowds. We were in the Olympic Stadium in London when Jess Ennis walked out for the first event of the athletics program. Never heard anything like it, monumental experience. Must have been mind blowing for the athletes

Didn’t have any joy getting tickets for London, so just went down to watch part of the triathlon. The whole place had a special feel.

This Olympics will become a quiz question forever.
When was the 2020 Olympics?
Up there with
What month is the Oktoberfest held?

Stronzi shares this concern and has been trying to sell 150,000 of these to the Olympic commission:

…Sadly they do not share his vision.

Just watching the OC and still can’t figure out why Iceland and Ireland were first up in the procession

Because it’s in the order of each country’s appearance in the Kanji alphabet, silly gaijin.

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Je suis un twat

Some very tasty tennis draws lined up.
Business as usual really as they happen on the ATP / WTA tour week in week out and at grandslams 4 times a year - but tennis is tennis:)

Djokovic could even get the Golden slam.
All 4 grandslams and gold.
He already has Aus, French and Wimbledon slams. Olympics and US open to go.
No one has ever done it in the men’s game.

The Olympics being best of 3 sets, makes it more of a crap shoot though.

Peaty swimming, breast stroke
Heard he holds the top 15 times in his event.
So even if he was DQ’d for the first 14 times, he’d still hold the fastest time!

Thank you, Fibonacci


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Knackered at 01.00hrs and then the rowing started, wide awake now and waiting for the GB girls to race. I hope this isn’t starting a nocturnal trend for the rest of the Olympics.

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Just watching the lunatic men cyclists… 5000M of climbing in 80% humidity …. Urgh


Six hours!

And only a week after the TdF for many of them

Olympic football = pants

Amy and I are just watching the womens GBR vs Japan, weird with no spectators and noise.

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Great goal but as you say it does seem a bit tame without the crowd and noise

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