On the hunt for new speakers


Selling the tune audios will probably take an absolute age so budget is limited to around £2500

I think I’ve got enough power in the Alephs to be flexible but looking for something like the sound of the Snell K’s which go deeper as they are lacking in the bass.

On the list so far:

Audio Physic Scorpio 25
Vienna Acoustics beethoven baby grand
Verity Finn (not sure how good these are for bass though)
Sonus Faber Cremona
Gamut L5

Any other suggestions to look at?


I picked up a set of JVC SX-F3000 for £27 off ebay earlier in the week, should be good.


don’t go low enough only 45hz, otherwise a good suggestion.


And before anyone suggests, no I’m not going to look at any cunting NVA cubes.


Snell K’s with a sub.


Awful sound with £25 ‘bass’ drivers


I always quite liked the UK built Tannoy 15" Glenair. The audio physics are meh.

There was a nice pair of Heco Statements on PFM.


If only Snell had produced a speaker that was like the K but with more bass


What about some Avalons?


Really, really good speakers in general and a bit of a snip for that price unless they’ve been thrashed.


When I bought my Magicos, the Avalon Eidolon Diamonds were the other possibility.


Lotus HiFi have a more expensive pair, if you want another source.




Ugly as fuck but well under budget I bet these sound superb and will have serious bass. Basically the same as Nicks (and my brother in laws) but in a cheaper box.
Loads of reviews online.

Though maybe better with the Modwright than the Alephs.




Shame, you just missed out on a pair of Avantgarde horns :kissing_heart:


Were they in budget?


Nice, but where would you balance the:


If you can get them for £2.5k I would buy them.


There are a pair of Ascendo C7 Speakers for sale on Audiomarkt for €1800 just over a year old. Bass down to 28hz. Based in Switzerland though.