On the hunt for new speakers


Too wide, thinking I may go for some standmounts and keep the primes.

Going to try and get the Franco Serbins and failing that the Dynaudio Contour 20, heard dynaudio a fair few years ago and they needed some power but did sound good.


Are you seriously considering going from Tune Audio Primes to Dynaudio? Really? :face_vomiting:


I had a pair of Contour S 1.4 stand mounts once, loved them in the showroom but couldn’t deal with the bass in my room which was about the same size as yours, they went back to the dealer.


Why are you wanting to change? What do you find lacking in the Primes?


Sometimes people just need to remind themselves how ineffably shit mainstream speakers are :+1:


That does seem like a giant leap backwards :thinking:


Would it be worth looking for a tasty sub or 2 to go with the Primes?


My god the Redekos are ugly.


Bob, we can’t all be blessed with your exquisite taste


dynaudio 52se were one of my favourite speakers , huge fan of some dynaudio models . the special 40 sounded good at bristol


Footprint would work…


Good God no.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


heard some?


Yes - very ‘Hi-Fi’ sounding. Super crisp and clean but all very unnautral to my ears.


don’t think they would suit me with my penchant for Spendor’s and valves then…

…where’s my Horlicks…


Never understood the sound attraction of these, very sterile.


If a pair of Mowgan Audio Ogmas would be of interest, drop me a PM…


Now those are a nice speaker :+1:

So, no good to the The Medium-sized Leb.


wow … they are rare… i was at deggie`s house the other day looking at some mowgan audio speakers , they look the business . not had chance to hear them yet