Panama hat aka Dr Cunties Cunty hat emporium

Because I’m feeling like an arsehole, I’m considering getting a nice Panama hat for the summer hols and beyond.

The only hatters I’m aware of are Lock & Co. Are there any others at a similar sort of price point to them? I’m talking about their standard range stuff by the way, not the £1k+ Montecristis.

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Bought mine in Spain about 7 years ago for 20 euros. Still going strong despite a few cricket matches :ok_hand:

A mere £200 from Paul Smith.

Or a tenner from their factory sale (I did queue for a total of three hours at either end… though there were many better highlights :+1:).

Says made by Christys. Must be loads on eBay as people were hoovering up stuff to resell. All the hats were a tenner.

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Look up Patchacuti Fair Trade, really good hats £80-£150 ish as much as anyone needs to pay IMHO.

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Bought a black one for the winter last year from here

Genuine Panama hats are actually made in Ecuador…:cowboy_hat_face:


…and are favoured by sex tourists the world over. :slight_smile:


And baldies…don’t forget the baldies. The current heatwave must be hell on the shiny pate, so £5000 on a blister-preventing hat obviously makes sense.

I classify them as one and the same. :slight_smile:

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bald or ginge - we’re the same :wink:


As alluded to above, sunny weather is death to us baldists.

My current go-to for this weather is an emergency purchase from Munich (Breiter Hut on Kaufingerstrasse) a couple of years ago.


Google Stetson straw hat and this throws up a lot of things around £49-£59

I also have a frickin massive head, so finding something that doesn’t just sit there like a fez is quite difficult. No, I assure you, one size does not fit all.

Me too - size 63. It’s brain size obvs…:laughing:

Get one of these. They are sooooo much cooler to wear.

Looks like someone knitted it.

Panama hats, for the older gentleman who mistakenly thinks he will look less of a fool than wearing a baseball cap.

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Those holes around the top really make a difference.

I was referring to Guy’s.

Me and you, we’re the same.

Breiter in Munich are one of the few places in the world where they don’t laugh at you when you say “63”.

I was so amazed that they had docker caps in my size this year that I ended up buying three, one in each material.

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In my case, for one year only, it matches my age :unamused:

these things come in threes you know?

head size
waist size?

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