Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


Cat C write off?


A fine example of ‘Any landing you walk away from counts as a landing’, albeit pushing it a bit.

Getting close to ‘any landing you can swim away from…’


A successful landing is one you can walk away from.
A good landing is when you can use the aircraft again afterwards.



My favourite landings are when everyone on the plane applauds.


This is a special case of the accounting law of successful aviation. This law states:

For aviation to be considered successful the number of take-offs must equal the number of landings.


they need a back street garage to sort out a repair


That’s every single bloody Ryanair flight then. Mr O’Leary’s customers seem perpetually amazed by the miracle of powered flight.



I remember being on a package charter flight to Tenerife (or maybe Majorca), donkeys years ago, mid 70’s, on a fucking Comet :flushed: (so must have been Dan Air) , and after a really, really turbulent flight followed by a landing in cross winds there was a massive round of applause and the grown-ups had a whip around for the pilot. Appropriately they used a sickbag as the receptacle for the cash.



How the fuck did that happen?


Extreme dogging.


“I said, leave the key in the car. Not the car in the quay…”


I wondered how this had happened:


That is very impressive. Great driving skills there to miss the car first and the bus second


Looks a bit like an Astra. Dangerous in the hands of mere mortals.


An Astra wouldn’t have been stopped by mere brickwork…


Clearly it’s an inferior brand, driven by a wannabe who wished it was an Astra.


Looks as if the afterburners hadn’t ignited properly


Especially for FF Rob