Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


Fucking hell… Wonder if his mother had any children that lived?


Hahahahahahaha, thanks for that, I might just give this one a miss…


How the fuck does he only get 9 months.

Total fluke that he didn’t cause multiple deaths and to then carry on and try and get to the next junction was recklessness of the highest order.


Because he didn’t cause multiple deaths. If he had, he would have been given 12 months.


Got to be worth it for the rarity value … the engine actually works :smiley:

Could flog the engine and convert to a designer listening settee. Just need some meat men with welding gear.


I see what you did there :wink:.



Big shit on the bonnet maybe?


He didn’t state it worked, just that is was good. Given that the engine is renowned for being anything other than good…


He said it runs perfect … could mean perfect for an old RX8.


Ha, runs away downhill when the handbrake fails :slight_smile:


Sadly it was unintentional - back to school for me.:weary:


Failed English?



Should have gone to…


Seems fairly reasonable to me.


Carrying the shed home on the car, or the penalty? :grinning:





I thought it was a subwoofer


Judging fuckwittery about driving fuckwittery

Mr Gale’s lawyer came up with this particular zinger:

“Of course he was driving very carefully, but was not driving in accordance with the speed limit.”

Did like the way he was fined £666 though. Nice number that…