Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)

This could have went in the motoring horrors or plates you da buys… but I’ll leave it here. Nothing says gansta like a G wagon in Matt paint with vanta black tinted windows.

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So what happened after you told him he couldn’t park there as it was for taxis only?


My old dentist had a thing for blacked motors, no chrome at all, just black. He had a GWaggon,Mclarren and one of those RollsRoyce black editions with extra black. His plates were Kiss 1, 2 3 etc. At least you knew where the money went :slight_smile:

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Just realised - old and older, and Australian prob.


NI plate/reg.

But it doesn’t matter how they park, APS have permanent cunt status

Punch in the nethers to the guy in the chavvy muscle car who absolutely would not give way to the unmarked police van (they drive grey Transits with the blue lights concealed in the grille) caning it up the road.

Props to the police driver for pulling him up hard by cutting slightly across him and stopping, making “don’t be such a dickhead” eye contact, and then proceeding on his way.


Can’t remember (it’s been a while since I updated my Highway Code knowledge database) but I’m fairly sure that the idea of giving way to blue lights is in there somewhere?
Bearing in mind that all plod vehicles have cameras on board surely a donut like this deserves a ticket?


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Strong “freeman of the land” energy to this parking fine swerve.


Ahaha, that’s sensational :joy:

I’ve seen a genuine deterrent like this a few years ago.

A giant transformer (I think) outside our offices just off Liverpool Street had some kind of wobbler so three artics were parked next to it containing emergency substitutes. A big chunk of the City losing electricity would be a bad thing.

Anyway, every day the parky slapped a ticket on all the lorries.

After three days they all sprouted notices saying something along the lines of “It is a criminal offence to impede this emergency vehicle in any way and if you have any doubts about this please contact our lawyers Sue, Grabbit and Run on xxx-xxxx”


A friend worked for Brighton Bus Co.
A bus had broken down and the company sent a mechanic out to fix it .
He parked his small van behind the bus and set to work.
He was wearing a bright orange boiler suit and the van was sign written Brighton Bus Co.
A parky put a ticket on the van because it was parked in a marked ‘Buses Only’ layby/bus stop.


This is what happens when you offer financial incentives for issuing penalties or securing prosecutions :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

See also: the Post Office, and the council wardens who set up camp outside our old offices on Bankside (payment for every fine issued for dropping a fag butt)

Look forward to his day in court

“Mate, i know a shortcut”



Morrison’s in Gravesend earlier today :joy:


What the actual fuck is that doing in Morrisons anyway? Anyway, the bitter part of me hopes the driver of the Ka turned full lock to the left as they reversed out…:joy:

Medway massive innit

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