Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)

Alfreton Tesco around 3pm today.


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This smug fuck in a busy ALDI carpark actually said, β€œI was only here for a couple of minutes !”
I called bullshit !
It’s a supermarket. You were shopping. You sir, are a cunt !


There was no passenger?

Oblivious to the jam she was creating in the high st earlier today


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Undoubtedly a rampant bell end however road / parking topiary always strikes me as designed by Satan on her β€˜red days’. Why put a hedge large enough to prevent egress next to a parking spot? Why plant bushes big enough to star in 70’s porn blocking visibility on roundabouts? The cuntery present in transport planning leads me to believe in either demonic possession or some weird cult of abuse towards those specialising in these fields that I am unaware of.
Not to mention that not being able to see on a roundabout is fucking dangerous.
If anyone here is actually responsible for this type of shenanigans please explain yourself and brace for an internet cock punch or cunt punt.