Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)




Nice parking revenge story…


Some snaps from my real world personal album of parking cuntery.

Some piss soaked old wanker making school kids walk on the road, I tried to get a close up of his face but he hid behind his paper the shameful old paedo.

And another day of walking down a busy road instead of on a path.


Obviously cunty parking, but a chunk of blame must go to the developers - that looks like a fairly new-build area, but as with all new developments there’s been no allowance for on-road and overspill parking so they could jam the maximum number of flimsy, badly-built, tiny-windowed Domestic Dwelling Units into the available space.


From the local cinema / bowling alley etc car park at the weekend.

Only saving grace is that the parking wardens are on site and do regular patrols. Not to move vehicles on or control traffic you understand but to dish tickets out. Fair enough though.


Actually, it looks a clever use of an unmarked & unclaimed space (see below) although knowing how mercenary the c***s operating that particular car park are, he’d undoubtedly have got a ticket.


this is purely during school pickup times where these fucktards would rather make kids walk in the road than park in one of the many other car parks a few minutes walk away.
There are at least 3 other car parks less than a minute walk from the school.

Allocated parking isn’t too bad near us. You still get the stink nuggets who park in the road making it a slalom course because they can’t fit their Chelsea tractors in the allocated parking bay which is odd because I can fit my behemoth Lexus in our tiny allocated parking just fine.

It’s laziness pure and simple the cunts just can’t be arsed.


you have of course reported this person to the police then?


Isn’t the van parked in a motorbike bay, certainly looks like M/C stencilled on the tarmac?


Only on one side of the bollards it would appear.


That’s right. It isn’t obviously a m/c bay to the left of the lamp post. This is a car park that I think is free to park in provided you are going to the cinema and/or one of the restaurants or bars next door. But they do have cctv covering it & quite readily issue tickets if they decide you’ve done something else.


If it’s M/C parking, then he’s a cunt.

If not, the TBH, there isn’t much wrong with that.


That’s exactly what’s happened in a new build near where I live. However, I don’t just blame the greedy developers, I blame the council who actually allowed it to happen. Their bastardary has created a problem where the new home owners bought the houses knowing full well there wasn’t enough parking room for more than one car per house. So they bought it anyway and park their cars anywhere they can, such as the original street that the development has been build in. Utter wankers everyone concerned.


Calling someone you don’t know a paedo shows a lack of class.




Pick one.


This would not be allowed, planning laws are very specific as to ratio of house size to number of parking spaces. A 4 bed house must have parking for a min of 3 cars iirc.



Let’s see a septuagenarian in a jagdeo lurking outside a lower school ostensibly reading the paper making no move to collect a child. I’d say pederast is a viable assumption.
His Female companion returning to the car also sans child asked why I was taking pictures, I replied if you don’t want your picture taken don’t park illegally and force kids to walk in the road. She started to get humpy so I just walked off. Confrontation with the wilfully idiotic leave me cold.

However as o’pinion says, if you want class then you’re in the wrong place. Knee jerk wild assumptions however? Bucket loads.


if you are genuinely of this opinion, why not report it to the police to potentially protect children.


Surely vigilante beating is a better option.


true, but I think the cops could manage without anyone else getting their hands dirty