Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


Small fry, in my younger more wreckless days I got nicked doing an average of 134mph on the M27 and got away with 5 points and a £150 fine.

And yes it was an Astra.


Shocking is an understatement


Oh my god, first time I’ve seen that, that’s horrific…:anguished:


GTE or GSi?


Really hope going public helps identify the bastard


Yup me too, they need to be on the receiving end of some serious justice.


As far as I am aware, I still hold the record for the highest recorded speed of an accident on Harpenden High Street, in, you guessed it, an Astra SRi.

Not remotely proud of it, but just seemed appropriate atm.


It’s good that you’ve seen how stupid that kind of thing is. We’ve all done fucking stupid things, I find it rather frustrating that our society seems to want to eliminate them (which will never happen), rather than provide an outlet and educate on consequences.


Chipped and tuned GSI.


I had my

not my image

Calibra Turbo chipped and tuned and it was ‘truly’ frightening.


Good job you weren’t caning it or you could’ve been in serious trouble.


Yep all been stupid.

When I had the BMW 330 I tried to hit 155 every time between services as a “joke” with one of the managers at the BMW garage. Didn’t think at the time of the data trail :roll_eyes:

Once travelling between Calais and Bruge I was doing a steady 130 to 150 on the lovely straight motorway. Then saw lights catching me up and guessed the worse. Got shouted at for 15 minutes in a combination of Flemish, French and English and relieved of a lot of Euros. :frowning_face:

I’ve got the Toyota Auris Hybrid now so struggle to break any fucking speed limits. :disappointed_relieved:


150mph, that’s cute.


But in retrospect, stupid.


Well Yes.


Yep, as as has been said, all stupid. But, we live and learn, eh ?


We were all young once.
If you carry on like that when you reach the age of knowing better you’re A cunt.


I drive very slowly now. Having 9 points does that to you.


Best to go easy before getting the points dumbo :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh for the days when you could hammer down the M5 in the father in laws twin turbo 911 so fast that the cops would just not even bother trying to feign any kind of pursuit :smile: