Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


Need a ladder, bro?



Really? I hadn’t noticed. To be on the safe side, let’s form a posse of lightly armed slaughter men and run the pervert out of town.


Tarring and feathering would be much better, far too neglected as a punishment these days.


Gimme 30 minutes with the dirty fiddler


Yep, punishment should fit the crime :+1:


Just out of curiousity, what is the Penance treatment for inconsiderate parking :grin: ? You could draw a picture if that would help.




The Wheelbarrow race… fond childhood memories. :heart_eyes:


Prefer the signed version - collectors edition…




Stop trying to civilise this bastion of hifi cuntery. That igloo place got all civil and moderatery and it had its heart ripped out in the process.
To be honest though I’m too old to really give a fuck what anyone thinks especially the suckers on this place. The old cunt pissed me off so I get to call him a kiddy fiddling piss soaked old fucker if he’s lurking outside my kids school getting in my way.
Fuck him and fuck all y’all. :joy:




That’s a-spicey-a-meatball, right there :+1:



FFS! They’re getting so fussy these days.


Yep - no one stopped the bloke over the road when he was driving his Transit at 70mph in a drunken rage with all 4 tyres shredded to the rim…

LLLLLLLLLLLLLincolnshire :ok_hand:


The more you tell of the jolly japes in flat-billy country the more I want to move there.


Yep and the houses a thrupence apiece :+1:


Yeh, 2AM, and what it sounded like - to my sleep-befuddled brain - was some kind of demented Traction Engine travelling at entirely improbable speeds.

'Phone plod, and the nearest patrol vehicle was somewhere in Cambridegshire . . . . :open_mouth:

Welcome to the Wild East…

There’s a reason for that. [q.v.]