Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


The only downside to living in Lincolnshire’s flatlands is the difficulty of arranging spectacular car jumps.


Otherwise it’s all win.


Dyke jumping?


… usually when you’re hurrying across the featureless landscape late at night on some miles-long dead straight/flat road, carried over the periodic drains by almost flat bridges. The problem arises when you’ve failed to remember that for whatever reason tonight you’re actually one road across from your usual route and this one has a tee-junction with the south forty-foot, not a bridge across it. Game over.



that’s the one , teeth go dry, hair turns white, then you get wet.




Strange, I had another image in my mind…


Yeah, well, I tried to find a pic of that :wink:


I bet you tried and tried and tried and tried . . .



Me now.


What could possibly go wrong…


Looks like a meat taxi delivery. Possibly another pair of Heco Dreiklangs by the size of the container


You mean he actually sold some? I thought all that ‘dealer’ bollocks was some sort of complicated tax scam or cover to explain his earnings as a dark web twat waffle.







I guess he did


Jesus, there’s even a sign in big yellow letters saying no parking :man_facepalming:


To be fair, he’s used to the high power brakes on the Macan. Whoever gave him a Clio for the day is responsible imo.


'twas a lady driver with two kids in the back. Luckily no one was inside the kiosk paying at the counter


Do hope the bloke leaned out the car window and said" 4 packs of green rizla,and 7 crunchie’s please"