Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


Arseholes to the people who risked others because they were just too important.
When somebody may have been killed.


Essex innit :roll_eyes:


3 points ffs. Should have hit them with dangerous driving and whatever points that carries.


A dangerous driving conviction invariably carries a prison sentence (even on a guilty plea).


In my defense, I’d like to mention that the car is actually the same width as the space, I’m a bit on the large side and the doors are quite long…:grin:

i also chose a spot a long way from the entrance, where there were no other cars.


You could have parked properly in the space next to it :roll_eyes:


Yeah, but then i wouldn’t have been able to post a pic in this thread for the delectation of my fellow slaughtermen, would I :laughing:


Not sure whether you’re a cunt for the parking or owning a Porsche.

Fuck it, both.


Why park next to a barrier in the first place?
Should’ve reversed in at the very least.


Looking at the sign you could qualify as a Trolley Dollie.


Always considering others Jim, there are not a great many caped crusaders of your calibre or consideration.
I doff my cap and fart in your general direction as a sign of respect. ( please don’t reciprocate ). :smile:

ps you still park like a cunt.


Next to a trolley return point must be the most dodgy place to park in any car park :roll_eyes:



Don’t think the marks on the Merc can be buffered out. :steam_locomotive:




No, definitely buffered.

W11 buffer beam numbers


That whooooooshing noise isn’t the steam from the loco you giant buff(oon).




golfist gets what he deserves, obvious Merc’s engine was faulty if it couldn’t out run the steam engine doing 8mph