Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


First trucks arriving.


It appeared that Middle Lane United had an away fixture in London today, judging by the state of the M1 this evening. Got through that to discover that the Be A Pillock With Full Lights On society were holding their AGM on the M45.


My first experience being in a car that parks itself today.

Nice that it uses the same approach as Google maps: once you have parked at your destination it suggests that you walk the rest of the way. In this case, to the kerb…


Zac’s convoy leaving Broseley


I use mine (Ford) all the time it is brilliant. It very occasionally fucks up.
i find that if I am a long way from the kerb it is because the people in front and behind have parked like cunts and the sensors line you up with them.


Usually when you’re demonstrating it. :joy:


Doesn’t seem to work very well in villages in Herts :grin:


And then there was these pricks in their Ubercuntenwagons…



Anyone for a convertible Range Rover?


Final count £5402 raised by the convoy for the charity.


Not for the joke thread before the thread police jump in.






Coming to a McDonald’s near you soon


I had to google that Oh, really I did.

In with the youf


Is that a helpful diagram from the BMWanker drivers manual, section 2 - Parking ?


Check out this spunk trumpet from the services today.


Nice shadow.

Who you gonna call?


I thought it might have been a Michelin rated service station.