Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


Have you told him to move then?


Burn it, burn it down


You could reverse a bus through that gap mate.


Someone new in the office in work. Utter utter cunt. It’s not in our dept so we haven’t identified who it is yet. 2nd day it’s been parked like that. He’s getting blocked in tomorrow.


I take it they’re not so disabled that they really do need the door-opening room (‘work’ looks like it’s big enough to have disabled spaces).



There are a few disabled spaces to the left just out of picture.
There are a few people who don’t like the idea of dings etc from car doors that park down the other end of the car park. This end in pic is closest to the entrance. Where you’d naturally park if there was a space as it’s the first ones you come to as you drive in. But it takes a special type of cunt to park like that.
I told the Mrs all about it when I got in ( she loves hearing about my day ) her response , did you manage to park ok ? Right then.
I was in at 6am ffs :rage:


TBH, if I had a Joke, I would probably do this with it too…


personalised plate as well, nuff said


Bmw drivers. :weary:


Novel parking solutions…the one starting at 2:09 is worth watching.

Flash git.




It’ll buff out :+1:


It’s really unusual to see multi car crashes at Daytona :roll_eyes: