Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


Hmmm… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



This cunt at the cinema


Perhaps this c**t?


Shit he’s in the seat in front


:rofl: An accident with ice cream upcoming?


I hope you’re not stood next to your car on the grass :rofl:




must be an ex 911 owner, seen many of those parked like that


I like the way the penis extension has been painted a metalic shade of helmet purple before being ploughed into a ditch (:confounded:).


That’s a wrap (in more than one way! :wink:)


That’s one of the more tasteful Lambo colours.


Urban camouflage is the best one I’ve seen.



Why would you brake when approaching a roundabout?


A successful landing is one you can walk away from. A good landing is one where you can use the aircraft again afterwards.



The fundamental law of airline travel:

Number of successful takeoffs = Number of successful landings.

Breach of the strong equality is almost always bad news.


To be prepared for the inevitable bell-end who’s coming round it but not indicating.


Because I’m doing 90 and fancy going round it rather than over it?


Wuss. :joy: