Parked outside the pub today

Bit nice.


First registered 1961

DB4 ?

Looks like. The DB5 had faired in headlights.

Listed as 3670cc engine, which I believe would make it a DB4.

Could be a half million pound car.

I expect Rabski’s had one. Pity he’s not here anymore, he could tell us how shit it was.


Lovely looking thing

If it’s a DB4S

Tried to zoom in on the badge on the LHS of the bonnet. Does that help?

Yes that helps

The eye is inevitably drawn to the lovely red Astra in the first pic.


Yes,why were some thrown out by the blue one in front of it?

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And if you look very carefully to the left you will see the owners. Disabled lady and her husband, both well into their 70’s. I asked if they minded me posting the pictures and got the ok.

Lovely chap :slight_smile:

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon in retirement :grinning:

Superleggera. (usually translated as Superlight)

In that nick, £500k is not much of a stretch. Lovely.

Wot, me taking pics :slight_smile:

Easy. Because the Astra is not the acclaimed MK2…

and fucked Britt Ekland in it on a bed of coke

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Haz a PhD in Astons. Probably.

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