Patio Pointing

One for all you non holidaying builders out there namely @J_B.

I think our patio flags may be limestone… what is best product to use to point them?. Sand cement will likely stain…

I’ll grind out the existing stuff to get a consistent depth… thoughts on those non staining resins from Sika or suchlike?



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I used Geo fix on a patio at my old abode - When we moved It was still solid and non broken after 8 years. Very easy to apply.

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I would point it and not get any on the slabs :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
You can just make up a dry sand and cement mix and sweep it in, (which is what the geofix basically is.) The moisture in the soil is enough take send it off. DON’T DO IT IF IT’S GOING TO RAIN! Sorry I forgot you live in the frozen north :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I hear you. Anytime I’ve used dry mix it always stains. Your pointing suggestion is a good one but tricky on the thin joints.

Oh thought The geofix and Sika stuff was a chemical resin that was non cementitious?

I need to do mine again. Want something bomb proof as all cement stuff seems to not last that long.

If you sweep it in when the surface is dry it shouldn’t stain.

If the slabs have any movement ie they rock, nothing will stay in. You have to make sure joints are solidly filled.

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Self-setting paving joint compound with Active Resin Technology for advanced durability. For outdoor patios, pavements and paths with joints over 5mm wide and 20mm deep.

Ambiguous :face_with_monocle:

Can you not run a couple of lengths of 2" masking tape each side and carefully pour the mix in

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The flags are ridged and not flat edged. I could square them off with a grinder tho. :slight_smile:

4 of ours have sunk a bit and keep forming a puddle, will lifting them and just lobbing sand underneath do to level them?

Brush some fine grit in :+1:

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Actually, thinking about it, it might work if I folded it over the edge.

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Then use paper into the crack and fold it back L shape stylee

Dry mix?

I’d use some compo Stu, laying slabs on dry mix is v. Difficult.

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