Philips OLED TV woes

Our Philips 65OLED805 developed a fault in November (purchased mid 2020) A vertical band, slightly left of centre, about 60mm wide. This issue is visible with all sources - Sky Q, Internet WiFi, etc.
When bright, well lit scenes are showing, it’s not really noticeable (but if you look very hard, still just about visible) but during dark, or night scenes it can very clearly be seen. See example - ignore the reflection of the lamp-stand on the l/h side.
I contacted Richer (6 year warranty) and they offered to send someone, but they said if the technician couldn’t rectify the issue on site, he would need to take the set back to base and any repair would be likely to take 4-6 weeks. They would not be able to leave a temporary set. They said that if I could deliver it to a retail branch, then the shop manager might be able to help with a temporary set which I would need to return when collecting ours after the repair.
Nearest branch is in the centre of Norwich and parking is fairly shit, so I decided to contact Philips UK Customer services.
Philips wanted loads of info and pics, not only images from actual programming, but static images of plain screen shots for black, grey, red, blue, green etc. The issue is only visible on the grey screen.
Dealing with Philips has been very frustrating - send pics to one person, then wait a few days and another person sends an email asking for the same or similar info.
Imagine my annoyance this morning when an email arrived saying no defect is visible, the set is working correctly so we are closing the case! :angry:

Your contract is with the retailer not the manufacturer so I’m not surprised they didn’t bend over to help you. 30 years ago I had bad service from Philips. Guess how much of their stuff is currently in my house. I rather hoped that they might have improved with time.

Just let Richer Sounds take it and fix it.


Edd is right. Take to the seller and be very firm. They sold the set to you. You are their customer. They must deal with it.

What and have no TV for 6 weeks! We’d probably murder eachother :joy:

Beg. steal or borrow a spare. That’s how warranties work.

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Borrow a TV or pick up a cheap used one.

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Build a horn n’ valve hifi system in the garage to listen to. Easy.


The TV is a 65, so it probably wouldn’t fit in there anyway…


You could always set up your hifi :laughing:

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We had a TV break down and returned it to Richer Sounds in Liverpool. They deemed it unrepairable and replaced it. About 6 weeks later they contacted me and asked me to collect the repaired TV. We gave it to the old couple across the road from the house we were renting at the time.

Take it back to Richer Sounds. Tell them you want it replaced. They will replace it.


Just called Richer - engineer booked for tomorrow.


I’m guessing that calling them took a lot less time than starting this thread :joy:


Are you running the pixel refresh thingamebob?

It seems to annoyingly pop up on mine to run every few days

OLED Screen Care
TV Display refreshing
To protect the screen, OLED TV need refreshing
process over time.
There are 2 types of refreshing process:
• Normal refreshing: This will take place automatically
and it takes about 10 minutes with TV in standby
• Deep refreshing: This will take about 80 minutes and
need to be triggered by consumer. During the
process, a white color horizontal line will appear on
screen for a while.
To allow OLED TV to perform refreshing properly,
please adhere to the following:
• For normal refreshing process to take place
automatically, always use remote control to switch off
TV and keep the TV power plugged.
• When normal refreshing message is shown on TV
screen, follow the onscreen recommended
• For deep refreshing process, trigger this option via
All settings > Picture > Export mode settings > Clear
residual image and use remote control to switch off
TV and keep the TV power plugged for at least 80
• Do not touch or apply pressure on TV screen during
the refreshing process.

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Yes, tried those :+1:

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No one likes a smart arse…:wink:

Just buy a £20 TV off eBay to tide you over


You might well get some sense from the engineer. Hopefully, he will quickly say it’s unrepairable and they’ll just give you a new one. How you are supposed to move these TVs without the original packaging is a mystery to me. Indeed, even if you had the packaging, I don’t know how you’d get it back into the packaging. They are wafer thin. I am dreading moving ours. I do have the box but I am not sure how much use that will be.

Don’t forget to keep mentioning that a £2k telly should give years and years of trouble free service. I certainly would!

If it gets protracted put it all in writing to RS customer services. Keep a copy. RS will look after you I am sure.


You can buy special boxes, loads on line

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I did wonder / suspect you may be able to buy something. The thing is you’d only need to catch the edge on the side. Still a heart in mouth moment. I’d rather fit a cartridge!