Phono advice please

I’m looking for a cheap,'ish Phono stage, ideally MM / MC but just MM would be OK.

Will be using it with a Nag200 and Hana SL primarily.

Couple of hundred quid’ish new or s/h.

Happy to hear if anybody has anything they want to palm off on me.

Battery powered MM & MC -


How much do you want for it Wayne ?

Nice thing but isn’t it an MC head amp rather than a phono stage?

I thought that too. Designed to be plugged into a mm phono input on a Technics integrated.

Ah, OK, didn’t realise that. That wouldn’t work then.

Bugger yes, blame my meds but yes this is a MC head amp for plugging into MM stage :man_facepalming:

I use a micromega mygroov that is mm and mc
Think they were £250 new but come up now and then for under £100

Used Lehmann Black Cube Statement.

TBF they’re only £350 new.

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I had a loan of one for a couple of months and it was very good :+1:

Great stuff, that was the one I was trying to remember :+1:

Cheers Al.

All sorted now.

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What have you been using Mike?

The internal phono of the Suggie, Stu.


Will be interested how the ifi compares against it


I’m yet to replace my original mk1 black cube.

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Way too many sensible options here, you need all the transformers



Which Suggie?