Phono stage recommendations

Getting bored of the current one as I think it sounds a bit dry with the Io, can anyone suggest a good phono stage to try, budget up to around £2,500

Current one is Whest Ps.30 RDT special edition

PT1 - PU7 - Audio Note Io > Audio Note AN-S2 > ???

Currently thinking about a Manley Chinook & EAR 824 but other options would help.

Aurorasound Vida? :wink:


Nah they’re shit, nearly got lumped with one of them a while ago but some mug bought it.

Keep telling yourself that…

NVA 2 supposed to be good?


Have you thought about going up the AN chain with the SUT?


Dark, dirty, even filthy thoughts. :+1:

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I’d be interested to hear one of those tbh. Just the thought of giving money to the prick puts me off.

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Coco LCR :smiley:


Couldn’t afford the increase in the home insurance fire coverage.

In the pipeline but he’s snowed under at the moment, looking for something to tide me over until he’s free late this year.

Would that change the sound of the whest?

You’re welcome to try a P10 if it’s of interest.

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Fair Point, I didn’t get on with Whest kit either.

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Me neither. Too bright and clinical sounding to me.

I wanted to say too detailed earlier but that’s kind of what you want in a phono, clinical is much better. It picks up loads of detail but just seems to be lacking some warmth.

EAT E glo or Cyrus Phono stage. Not heard either but both well reviewed.

Just fuck off. Right off. NV fucking a.


I think the OP is looking for first hand recommendations.

Ask Mark about his Allnic 1500.


Good call

Yup, was just trying to suggest some others rather than the usual suspects.