Pick me a 4 seat convertible

The financial controller has grudgingly given the thumbs up for a new car, budget is up to 18k but I’d prefer it to be less as this would reduce the money I can squirrel away for new watches.
Coming from a hybrid Lexus suv and in the late summer / early autumn of my life I’m thinking that I should own a convertible at least once in my dwindling life. This flies in the face of my 6’2" height and the manly girth that 23 stone creates but sod that.
A mate has an mx 5 which is the standard answer to all car related questions but I just don’t fit, The only thing I’ve ridden in that produces a greater comedy effect when getting in or out is a lotus elise, my knees rub the steering wheel as does my belly so larger 4 seat convertibles seem to be the way to go.
Being used to the almost indestructible nature of Lexus the litany of horrors the internet produces for the main contenders is worrying so I’m asking here if anyone has any recommendations my current thinking is.
Audi S5 - cooling system problems and the DSG can cost up to 4k to fix if it goes pop
Audi A5 2.0tfsi - drinks oil like a glaswegian drinks buckfast. Would probably regret not getting s5
BMW 428i - bit down on power and it’s a bmw but… probably what I’ll end up with
BMW 435i - miley in my price range and two turbos to replace.
BMW 235i - small and so possible hilarity but my cousin has one and he’s my size - also see 435i
BMW M3 - I feel this would be foolhardy but god it’s tempting.
Mercedes e400 - don’t know much about these but again 2 turbos to replace
Merceses e350 - older but naturally aspirated
Mercedes e250 - again with the twin turbos and only 1.8 engine but some nice ones out there.
Lexus sc430 - fuck me it’s ugly and old but V8
Infinity g whatever - no
Vulva C70T5 -too old.

A nice classic SAAB 900 T16 murdered out in black would be lovely but most that are in price range are OAP colours or ‘low miles’ at 150k or more.

So anyway - any recommendations outside of that lot or ownership stories would be much appreciated. Also feel free to point and laugh at the cliche that is my life.


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Edd, no. Even Lexus is embarrassed by the SC430.

are all rubbish and pointless. As an example

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The suggestion was in keeping with the standard of these threads.

Id have one though. So dumb.

It’s a toy for a lady - even comes with a little handle to carry it like a handbag :joy:

Porsche 911 (996/997) technically it has 4 seats.


6 seats and wheels = moar betterer



XJ-S 4.0
In budget, you will fit in it, Jaguar’s most reliable engine ever, prices now starting to tick up.


I know it sounds ridiculous but check out a current model mini convertible. I’m 5’11 and you can easily fit an adult behind me. I’m not 23 stone so can’t comment on width but lots of larger ragtops have tight interiors so you may be surprised. The Cooper is quick, the S proper quick and the JCW versions are nuts (250+ Bhp in a mini???).

A friend of mine has a late 90s Audi A4 convertible with a 2.8 litre V6 engine which I borrow sometimes. Slow and wobbles a bit round bends (the car not me) but the most relaxing car to drive I’ve ever been in. Perfect for swanning about on sunny days. (I’m 6’2" and 16 stone & I don’t have the seat all the way back).

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E93 M3 makes sure the actuators and rod bearings are done and that’s everything that goes wrong on them. Otherwise just standard maintenance. Don’t buy anything that’s been modded.

That naturally aspirated V8 is perfect especially when you get it above 3000 rpm, it properly screams near the 8000rpm redline


Choose the one you want plus extended warranty.

If you’re not convinced by aftermarket warranties, talk to @Jim :+1:


you can just about visualise the rear seats in this photo

Untitled by uh_simon, on Flickr

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That would be my choice, just for the noise of that V8.

(Unless the kids will fit in the back of a 911, but anything over 5ft, forget it).

i agree - warranty for complex hoods/mechanisms/engines is really important and make sure it is in your budget

Convertible you say? Err, no.

Your money? Oh go on then!


:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

6-series Bim. Suitably horrid / as chips / SO you.


So RongTM - SO you.

So fucking cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Prolly haggle it to £9k / stench of desperation…

“One disable driver” - I bet it did…

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