Pick me a 7 seater

The current Mrs Dur drives a battered VW Touran with flat tires and a gearbox whine.

I’m going to buy a Volvo XC90 R Design with brown seats to ferry around the 4 kids and a dog but if you’d like to attempt to recommend something else then go ahead budget around £10k…

Didn’t know the Volvo came in a 7 seat version.

We’ve got a Ford Galaxy with 7 seats and it’s excellent

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We had a touran and loved it, lease ran out in June we’ve gone for a seat tarraco and I’m over the moon with it . But then I know and care not a jot about motors

Did the forum thing and didn’t read the post properly …you won’t get one for 10k


Obviously use the 10k as a deposit on a ruinous new Range Rover

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No to Zafiras. They have a habit of catching fire.

Image will show.

Just get the XC90.


Just get a mini bus

I too would recommend one of the sharalambraxy triplets from a driving point of view. Get the 130bhp pd tdi engine and avoid the dsg like the plague.

Toyota also do a line in decent milfwaggons mid engined too mainly imports though.

We have a SMax 2.0 tdci. It’s tolerably nice to drive, has good accommodation in all 7 seats and has never let us down and doesn’t cost too much to run afaik. A Galaxy might offer a bit more luggage room.

The best people carrier we had was a 3L V6 auto Chrysler Grand Voyager, it was absolutely brilliant, had an awesome spec, huge, comfy heated seats, 2 DVD players with 2 screens, an epic sound system that would shake the car (all 2 tons of it) without distorting. If all the seats were folded into the floor, you could probably have had a mini rave in there.

It was effortless, if uninvolving, to drive and a very nice place to be.

The only fly in the ointment was 20s MPG. To this day I wish we’d LPG’d and kept it, because it was epic.

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Yep. UK spec Previa is a decent drive but, as you say, too many imports.

Surprised nobody has suggested an Audi Q7

Fabulous big luxo barge which is costly to run, particularly good at eating tyres, then can be quite ruinous when big items fail :+1:

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4 in the back, 3 up front, goes anywhere including across lakes and rivers and will be the coolest car at the school, ever. Yours for £7 grand, bloody bargain. Feel free to don Banana Split fancy dress as required.



Cos rangies do all that better

I now have the Banana Splits theme tune as my ear worm. Could be worse I suppose.

I drove one of those banana splits cars at some large fete thing and scored 3 penalties out of 5 and won a coconut against Phil parkes the same day

Life turned to shit pretty soon after that