Pick me an awful car


Perhaps they wanted a BMW X6 on the cheap. :grin:


Bugger. It wasn’t ready for release yet.

Oh well, might as well come clean - Rob and I got drunk at the last Scalford and someone bet us we couldn’t combine our respective obsessions of Range Rovers and RX-8s

We proved him wrong! Sadly we can’t remember who it was or how much he owes us…


So, basically the pair of you combined the reliability of the RX8 and Range Rover, with the ‘styling’ of the X6?


The wonders that happen when great minds come together :+1:




The automotive example of nonsense on stilts.


Have done around 1500 miles in the LS430.

One of the alloys could do with a refurb.

Over £100 to fill makes you wince a bit. (400-450 miles on a tank)

27mpg average.

The rear seats are amazing, I had my Dad drive me round while he was home.


Should have got him to do the parking for you.


My parking skills are legend.


The auto parking in my Focus is superb.


Pity it isn’t auto unlock…


On arrival after our relaxing drive to the Turan I was complemented on my parking.

“Oh you are just going to leave it like that?”


This is very true :grinning:

The boot unlock button is stupid, it is right next to the unlock everything button which means you can’t lock your keys in the boot,- as the gloating AA man explained :disappointed_relieved:


When you are tired of the fat Corolla.


Could take a while I’m rather enamoured with it.


Wait til’ you see the Japanese Rolls-Royce, 1990 Toyota Century…


Oh he’s seen it. He won’t stop taking about the ‘fattest corolla’.


Maybe it’s the rear net curtains…


Fat Corolla needs turdos.


Twin supercharger kit.