Pick me an awful car


Yep, i needed the seat ventilation at that point! :open_mouth:


Shouldn’t you be used to that by now?


Done so far:
£49 Fixed wing mirror with parts from used one
£100 refoamed all the speaker drivers
£420 service, 2 o2 sensors, brake pads all round
£25 cabin air filter
£20 other cabin air filter
£0 fixed wing mirror position switch
£0 cleaned pollution sensor which switches the air to recirculate.

To do:
Diff has slight leak on shaft seal.


Are you driving it to Tims? Looking forward to seeing it :slight_smile:


I thought my new Panny was a quiet/refined car…'till I went in Edd’s Lexus…

…you could hear a pin drop…:sunglasses:


I bloody loved the Panny, maybe in 10 years :slight_smile:


…and the occasional squeaky bum from the back seat when Edd was giving it some beans down the country lanes near @coco 's :rofl:


Yes, came back last night with the o2 sensors sorted.


Was the engine turned on?


£1 changed a side light bulb, what a faff, had to take out the air box as removing the headlamp involves removing the bumper cover.


get a Porsche, only £600 for a front light!


Saw it today and have to say mightily impressed by the beige barge.



My son’s Beemer front light was £870, so …


Had a ride in it yesterday, it goes a bit for a big un :racing_car:, impressive :grin:


Bloody hell, which model?


Most of them, the xenons on mine are the best part of a grand each.




Ouch! Makes you realise why insurance is so expensive.


I think this probably fits the criteria for being here. Passed a car the other day and it made me do a double take. Did I really see what I thought I saw? Surely not. I think it might have been this majestic piece of automotive engineering.

RX-8 FTW.:heart_eyes:


Whoever drives that must be a right wankel…