Pick me an awful car


Yup, my standards are slipping… must try harder!


I understand Rob. Now you have found driving nirvana, all the supercars & interesting stuff just doesn’t seem relevant anymore…


How about £2000 to sort out the engine oil leaks and cooling system woes?

Or £3000 for a new torque converter and a gearbox rebuild when the gearbox starts making grumbling noises?

Seriously, mine looked exactly like that and I adored it and still miss it, but it was a bottomless pit to throw money into. If you want a Rangey, go for a Classic - at least then all you have to worry about is rust and random bits of trim falling off. Oh, and water leaks.


Tis lovely though.


Very you… :grinning:


Nissan 350Z


Toyota 2005 mr2 £3950





Edd would need two of those, one for each foot :wink:





Edd would would ward.


Mine is the last Overfinch from 2012 before the model change. TDv8 with 8 speed ZF auto. 30K miles and my mates from brand new. Price factored in a 3 year full parts and labour warranty as I had heard that the same issues that you refer to are far too common.
Will still consume juice/road tax/servicing like it is going out of fashion so an ideal solution. Personally I would go for the LS400.


Wow, by far the worst yet.




Absolutely horrible iteration of the 407, that. They utterly ruined the original 406 coupé design, which to be fair they nicked from the Ferrari 456.