Pick me an awful car


Fiat Coupe’s are gorgeous, and really should be allowed in.

Though not in that shit awful blue colour. Portofino blue only

(T’was my first car, I’m biased)

Fucksticks say no, or variations thereof

Yup, lovely car. Was almost my first car, but went for the Fiat

As was the interior of the Fiat Coupe. Bangle did the exterior, before he started necking tabs of acid like they were peanuts




It’s a pretty little car but, fwd. By small and fast I mean 4wd or rwd, probably 250+bhp ala the boxster.

A middling 200bhp fwd Coupé isn’t what In after and almost verges on sensible.


Lincoln Town Car. £5950. (Barter)


If only it was a turbo.


Having to tell everyone it isn’t a turbo would be soul destroying.


You could just lie?


The RB20 was still a decent donk though :+1:


I’ve always had a soft spot for one of these.





Budget is now £4550.


But presumably the car doesn’t need a sound system now?


Don’t you need to allow another £500+ for tapes?


£5,000 more like


He just might still be able to afford this


Haha, yes. Bye bye muscle cars :grin:



A bit of a trek to collect, but



bloody good fun driving it back through Scotland though however a a STi would leave it for dead