Pick me an awful car



That’s a badly speced interior…orange wood, yuck.



Its also got 180k on it, didn’t spot that.


Gangsta wheels


And vinyl wrap, truly awful :+1:





944 or 928 ftw


3.2 Boxster S ftw.


If you’re a haidresser maybe


Fine by me. I’d love a 928 but a good one isn’t 5k, 944 is alright but unless its the turbo is a bit old and slow, if I wanted that Id just fix the Matra.



Haha, i had one of those…the original turbo nutter bastard…all or nothing :laughing:


Decent ones go £10k plus these days.


Yep, had a 205 1.9 GTi too. They also go for shitloads of dosh…


I would quite like to swap my z4 for an 80s hot hatch, problem is they’re all way too much for what they are.


Picked up a copy of this today, plenty of 80s turbo charged hot hatches, Saab 900 turbos etc. Some bonkers prices though!


924 was a brilliant drive, not supercar quick but really rewarding, Power steering on 944 ruined it, next good one was 968 Club Sport, but much more expensive.


Would prefer the saloon to the rag top, but one of my favourite ever cars and one of the best interiors. Everything is totally focused to its function.

0-60 time is very deceptive because the first 4 seconds is all turbo lag.