Pick me ups


I’ve already performed the dirty deed this afternoon, so I’m seeking nothing more than validation and or ridicule.

The trusty van has been condemned and is currently pissing oil all over the shop on it’s way to the grand dealership in the sky.

As I’m semi-retired / part-time / bone-idle (delete as applicable), I’ve decided to buy a pick up (avec canopy) as it is mainly hand tools and I’ve basically been lugging a load of rarely used equipment around needlessly.

Ive rented a little bit of warehouse space locally to use as a “base” and will load and unload as necessary depending on job.

My question is now obviously after the fact, what SHOULD I have bought?

It was a toss up between a Navara or Hilux.

Older with low mileage?
Younger with high mileage?
Middle aged with a high mileage but well cared for and not ever been sat in by a farmer, electrician or builder.

Hmm. Thoughts , if you can be ershed.

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Obviously all anecdotes about your mates having problems are welcome.

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Peugeot Bipper was aslo on the list.

Berlingo, obvs.

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Two of the biggest bell ends drove the above vehicles, Rudy and his Berlingo, and that fella from the Wigwam that dressed like a sex tourist had a bipper , if memory serves.

That’s why I suggested it…


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Or one of these.

31k does not tally with semi retiring.

I can see Maureen is formulating a reply…

I bought a VERY low mileage 2016 Hilux in 2018 for £20K, it’s currently still worth roughly that. That is mostly due to supply & demand stuff, but I’ve not put big miles on it either - it’s still below 30K.

I replaced the clutch with a heavy duty one because the standard ones are a little weak, and a rear seal on the gearbox was weeping a little, so its time was over.

And that’s all Ive had to spend on it besides servicing - some of which I do.

If you buy pre 2018, the automatic is stronger than the manual, and a slightly easier sell. After 2018 I just don’t know - doubt much has changed.

Look for one that’s been professionally undersealed if at-all possible, they do rust. It was the first thing I did to mine. Rustbuster just up the road from me are completely brilliant,and I will buy you a beer while you wait.

Fuel economy is crap. ~33 over ~15K miles. Do not be tempted by the smaller capacity engines. Gutless and IRL economy is if anything worse.

FFS don’t buy the Nissan.

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It was one of the later gen ones I may or may not have bought. :slight_smile: . I’d heard about the snapping through the trady grapevine.

Also, I don’t plan on doing huge mileage in it.

Naturally I missed the “already done the deed” bit…

Oh dear…

Confess all.


Surely not

The state o’ that.

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Out in the sticks here everyone has a Hilux.

They just seem to suffer from dented panels and the stink of logs and sheep dogs inside.

This is Right and Proper :ok_hand:

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The only thing you might regret more than buying a Nissan Navara… :wink: