Pick Mrs P a small automatic

Her current car is a 2009 1.4 Honda jazz with 140k on the clock. She’s got her eyes on a 2009 1.8 civic auto with low mileage.

Any other recommendations ? If it was me I’d just go for another Jazz.
Must be automatic and 5 door. Budget £5 grand top.

She’ll disregard whatever you recommend and go for something completely different just because she likes the colour but I thought I’d use the impeccable taste of the AA first.

boxster S PDK

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Pick Mrs P a small automatic


I think she’d be quite tempted with that at times!


not I read the full OP fully.

So I recommend a Jimny Auto.


She’s not going for my choice

I’m not surprised, that’s a real dog.

Any small Ford with the 1 litre turdo EcoBoost engine and PowerShift DSG box - fantastic :heart_eyes:


I saw the latest version in the flesh the other day, love it.



An auto Fiesta is a good shout, Fords drive well, they’re more dynamic than Honda’s cars, but not as well built imo.
As you know, the Jazz is cavernous with the seats down which makes them very practical.

Does your current Jazz have a CVT?

it’s great my former boss just bought one.

The civic is horrid, lots of noise and no go. Get another jazz. Or the crz :rofl:

I have a 2009 1.8 Honda Civic, with 105,000 miles on it. Had it for 6 years, with no trouble.
The way the rear seats lay flat, or stand up, to make a lot of room, in the floor space, is good.
Would buy another one.

Absolute money pit

yes. She hasn’t had any issues with our touch wood.

I think it was the auto box. The engine was revving away and the car was going (relatively) nowhere

Erm… :thinking:

That’s a petrol Honda in a nutshell, they’re all like that.

Yes they do like to rev.
I had a 1.8 vti aerodeck ( estate ). It wasn’t a car for the mechanically sympathetic. Hondas can take it though.